Carla Carnes

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We met Carla thru a quasi-family connection.  Marian's sister (Ginnie)'s boyfriend Todd was Carla's brother.  Carla sequenced through many hats at Dendritics.  Scale assembly.  Repairs.  After Leonid's departure, she was responsible for Sensor Assembly.  Then when Jay took off, she switched to Materials Manager.  When we had no more materials to manage, she went back to Repairs!

Happy considered it his job not only to supervise the lunchroom, but also to act as Personal Trainer for Carla, making sure she walked around the building on a regular basis.

No, this isn't the scene out the back of our scale lair.  This was from an archaeology trip Carla made to the Southwest.

This was the Icon dispenser which first Leonid, and then Carla used to apply solder paste to the sensors.

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