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How about a white armadillo? We could spray-paint it!

Why not? I DID remember to White rabbit this year--I hope it works!

White Armadillos seem especially lucky to me! They are survivors! They may get run down by trucks in the south, but their range keeps expanding and they've been on earth for ages--

- Sheri on 1/2/2003

I just responded to Lee's suggestion--I have a long association with armadillos see and I think that is why he suggested "white armadillos". No I've never tried it before, but I think I will--but I'll have to intermix them with the much older rabbit tradition--I don't want to miss any of the older tried and true good luck.

A friend of a friend told me about rabbits--she heard about it through a friend from Englad--I told my friends and found there were three who already knew about it (they were of Scottish, Irish and English descent).

I loved your site.

- Sheri on 1/2/2003

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