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Dendritics started in JB's basement in 1981 or so.  We were incorporated in 1982 and around 1983 moved to a shared studio in the Waltham Watch Building called Top Dog Studios with just Duncan and JB.  In 1984 we moved to the main Downstairs (street level) space which continued for the rest of our life as a company.  In 1991 we needed production space and took a basement space in the building.  In May 1994 we were booted out of the basement and moved production to a second floor "upstairs" space which we fixed up.  In September 2001 we shrank back out of that and stuffed everything into the original first floor "Downstairs" space. Here are some images of those spaces.

Top Dog Studios Downstairs Space Basement Space Upstairs Space Waltham Watch Bldg Outside Views

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